Virtual Offices in the Heart of Germany

A virtual office is an address for your company, but you are not working on it. The virtual office should not be confused with a so-called mailbox address. So something is happening behind the doors: Employees of the corresponding providers for a virtual office help you to keep the effort of your office communication as low as possible. But what exactly are the services you have when you rent a virtual office?

A virtual office offers more than just a representative address, including a company nameplate. For example, you can have your mail managed there. Receptionists accept letters and parcels as well as courier items for you. On request, you will also be informed immediately when a certain shipment has arrived for you. You can be reached at any time, and not just by post.

You can also get an individual telephone number if you rent a virtual office – telephone service included. Your calls are answered, coordinated, and documented by professional staff while you are on appointments or privately.

For most providers, a virtual office also includes business lounges or meeting rooms that can be used if necessary. If you want to receive your business partners or customers, your virtual office offers you the following options: You reserve a room that is fully furnished and corresponds to a professional business environment.

A virtual office is usually in a central location and, therefore, easily accessible to your guests. And should you be late, the visitor reception will let your guests into your office, which is no longer exclusively a virtual office. Spontaneous renting of day offices are often an option in the “virtual office” concept. If you need an office after meetings, you can also switch to your virtual office here.

When a virtual office is worthwhile for founders

Start-ups and start-ups, in particular, often do not have a permanent company headquarters with offices at the start. Renting, renovating, and furnishing costs a lot of money, and this is not so easy to find in the start-up phase of a company. Many founders, therefore, also work in the home office.

If you rent a virtual office, you save the costs for a real office, including furnishings and technical equipment, but at the same time appear professional when visiting customers and when it comes to external appearance. You can also be reached at all times – both by post and by phone. And another bonus: You do not have to use your private address for company purposes and can thus separate professional and private.

Even if you work abroad, a virtual office is important for a professional appearance. Here it is crucial for the organization as well as for the accessibility and seriousness to have a permanent company headquarters in Germany because a foreign number or address can deter customers in Germany from contacting you.

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