5 Great Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

When it comes to the backyard, bigger isn’t always better. Small spaces outside the room can be just as fun to entertain in the spring as it is in the summer, as large spaces, small patios, and decks also mean much less care. From vertical gardens to mini storage and water features, this beautiful space-saving landscape design and little backyard ideas will transform any open space into a comfortable haven in great style.

The backyard is an extension of what happens in our home, perhaps more colorful, relaxed, pleasant, and homeless to meet our needs and desires. On grass, trees and vines can climb to the highest altitude, light and weather can change rapidly, and possibly within the limits of our property line, depending on the terrain, our design skills, and our knowledge: how.

Most homeowners know that buying a property is often accompanied by a series of commitments. For some people, this means making peace with a comfortable patio instead of large dirt. We at value builders have put together small garden ideas to help make that engagement a favorite feature.

Garden design with pool

Well, to create a beautiful and balanced landscape design, we must take into account all-natural factors, such factors are the geographical location, the type of relief, the quality of the substrate, the climate, the water, and its movement, the soil, vegetation, floristic composition, and architectural structure, among others.

Decorative circle fence for garden

Next, we will study what the visual elements that intervene since, as we can see, much of the information that we perceive about a sure landscape is through sight are. We must choose which will be the most important points on which the eyes will focus, and according to these points, we will also create the lines.

Modern landscaping and gardening

Every point or center of attention is highlighted and highlighted thanks to the lines, as these signal and show the importance of the points. In case the lines are several and extend in more than one direction, we will be talking about planes. These planes can be of three classes depending on their shape: curved, smooth, or twisted.

Japanese Zen garden design

We will also see that the landscape will change depending on the variables or the visual characteristics. Each element that intervenes contributes a concrete vision regarding the position it occupies, the number, its size, its shape, its texture, and its color. Once we are clear about these concepts, we can move on to the composition of our natural landscape.

Decorative elements for gardens

To start composing the design of our garden, we must follow a series of rules that will be of great benefit to us. At the visual level, we will take into account the scale, the proportion, the unity of diversity, the axes, the symmetry, and the rhythm, contrast, and harmony. Starting with the scale, we will say that there are two types; the human and monumental scale.

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